Lavender Blue Selects Care~Call as Their New Homecare Software.

Lavender Blue was looking to move from caduceus to a new homecare software which included in between travel bands and integrated with their financial package.

Lavender Blue are members of the NZ Home Health Association. They were established in 1997 by registered nurses. 

  • Incorportate the most up to date best practice guidelines into our policies and procedures

  • Are certified in the standards New Zealand Sector Standard

  • Are flexible to ensure you can live as you choose no matter what your age

  • Designed to offer a real and safe alternative to residential care for people with any level of disability

Netsoft look forward to working with them during the project implementation phase.

Netsoft mobile solution - a success at Royal District Nursing Service

Royal District Nursing Service New Zealand (RDNS NZ) is a leading provider of home-based healthcare solutions for people living in their own homes across the Southland, Otago and Auckland Districts. RDNS NZ is currently providing care and support each week to over 2000 clients. This is delivered by our team of over 300 dedicated Community Support Workers. We also provide clinical care management and coordination by Registered Nurses and Occupational Therapists.

The Challenge
RDNS NZ wanted to remove their paper-based time sheet system and record appointment information such as start and finish times, travel time and kilometres, and ensure any updates to client information are recorded at the point of care. The solution needed to be easy to use, be secure and integrate with their existing business processes.

The Solution
Carer Portal (similar to Remote worker) was written specially for RDNS NZ. The Netsoft middleware extracts timesheet and activity data from the RDNS patient management system. It then sends the timesheet and activity data securely to the mobile device. Alerts and reporting have been setup to keep the RDNS management team up to date with client and staff activity. The data is then sent back to the RDNS patient management system, removing the need for duplication of effort in the entry of data.

The Result
According to GM of Technology Iain Boyd: “The implementation has been a great success. The Netsoft middleware seamlessly integrates with our patient management system and the mobile application. This means that we can monitor client care with ease.”

Iain also commented: “I have found Netsoft to be responsive and thoroughly professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Netsoft as a technology partner”

Community Health mobile IT partnership

Netsoft is very pleased to announce that AMS + Netsoft is now a winning combination. Netsoft Limited and Kinross (AMS) have joined  their respective software offerings to offer an integrated  mobile data capture and workflow system  for Community and Home Health providers in NZ and Australia. Both Kinross and Netsoft will be at the HCHA conference in Auckland on the 28th – 30th April this year. Come and talk to us.