Netsoft Remote Worker™: A proven Mobile Health Care solution that electronically verifies visits, increases productivity and improves your bottom line. You’ll be able to focus on delivering higher quality care and keep your clients as your #1 priority.

Like any group that operates an off-site workforce, homecare organisations face a specific set of challenges. This challenge revolves around the on-going goal of improving the delivery of a certain service. But as always, achieving this goal is influenced by a number of factors such as budgets, time management constraints and the efficiency of personnel.

The most common ways costs are incurred 

  • Lost productivity of care workers
  • High cost of travel
  • Administrators time managing caregiver schedules
  • Missed service levels against contractual commitments
  • Lost clients due to missed services 

Introducing Netsoft Remote Worker.

Better data equals better customer service. 

Netsoft Remote Worker provides a base from which to analyse schedule data and accurately record travel time and distance. It will also notifying management when exceptions occur. 

With Netsoft Remote Worker, homecare organisations will be able to manage their mobile workforce more efficiently through more accurate data capture, better reporting of variances and increased service levels.


Enjoy these key benefits: 

  • All schedule and schedule related data captured in one place 
  • Logs all user interactions to establish an audit ready history 
  • Exception reporting on the captured data 
  • GPS interface with Google API. Capture long/lat coordinates of start and end visit points to track the shortest distance between caregiver visits 
  • Automated emails sent to administrators when tolerances are breached 
  • Easy to operate interface 
  • Stores data in a relational database that can be integrated with most Client Management systems

A cost-effective way to increase workforce efficiency. 

Netsoft Remote Worker is specifically designed for the homecare environment. It is tailor made for caregivers that require up- to-date information around their schedules. It also enables organisations to confirm that service levels are being provided as promised, and that travel and other costs are being optmised. 

Remote Worker provides end-to-end visibility and greater control over work-day processes. It gives organisations the tools to improve their business efficiency through more effective planning and scheduling of their mobile workforce. 

Remote Worker is also a standalone application which can be integrated with most Client Management systems.

Remote nursing services

It saves time, is easy to use and increases client satisfaction while reducing overall service costs.

Enjoy all the benefits of being mobile.

Along with all the key efficiency benefits provided by Netsoft Remote Worker, organisations can enjoy some outstanding increases in productivity due to its 100% mobility. These include: 

  • Schedule and other key information sent to the caregivers mobile device in real time 
  • Electronic timesheet and other key information can updated in real time at the point of care 
  • Reduced travel distance and time costs 
  • Reduced administrative costs associated with time consuming paperwork 
  • Eliminates caregiver downtime which leads to greater productivity 
  • Better management of appointments due to improved communication 
  • Reduced payroll and finance costs
  • GPS locations (long/lats) recorded
  • Real-time escalation of missed appointment alerts