Netsoft Remote Worker™: A proven Mobile Health Care solution that electronically verifies visits, increases productivity and improves your bottom line. You’ll be able to focus on delivering higher quality care and keep your clients as your #1 priority.

For those organisations that offer in-home and community-based support, Netsoft’s Remote Worker provides a tailor-made solution for mobile support workers. It enables organisations to confirm that service levels are being met, with travel time/cost being captured and verifiable. 

Remote Worker provides end to end visibility and greater control over support worker roster management. It provides organisations the tools to improve their business efficiencies through effective planning and scheduling of their workforce.

Remote Worker reduces manual administration and data entry, which effectively eliminates the double handling of data.

Advantages of Remote Worker:

  1. Provides support workers with up to date electronic access to schedules and route details.

  2. Confirmed appointment data can be returned to the Care~Call database in real time, providing more efficient interaction associated with appointment scheduling and support workers, leading ultimately to better interaction with clients.

  3. Data capture is accurate with less opportunity for human error, and less chance for the system to be abused.

  4. The solution is easy to use, secure, and integrates seamlessly with existing business systems and processes.

  5. Eliminates paper-based time sheet processing, which results in not only reducing administrative and processing costs, but also being kind to the environment.


Remote nursing services

The technology is helping reduce time spent documenting. Enabling you to spend more time with your client ensuring they have your utmost attention and care.

Enjoy all the benefits of being mobile.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Mobile GPS clock-in feature and integrated telephony allows support worker to provide proof of a visit in mere seconds, giving you greater transparency and accountability. Automated time and attendance reconciliation against the schedule give you complete visit accuracy and increased compliance.

View Client Details including ability to click on client address to bring up google maps for directions.

View Client Alerts

View and Acknowledge Messages

Phone Office Directly

No more waiting for time sheets – Staff view their schedule on the app, no need for printing or emails. Jobs are recorded automatically in the system.

Send instant updates – Any changes to schedules are visible on the app.