Great healthcare software solutions are achieved through strong relationships and a collaborative approach. Welcome to Netsoft.

Corporate History

Founded in 1999, Netsoft is a leading developer of healthcare software solutions. These include the key areas of aged care, homecare, community nursing, disability and mental health.

Netsoft also develop mobile solutions on the smart phone and tablet platform. Thus providing a one stop shop for managing all of your organisations business software requirements.

We build strong relationships with our customers. Once you become a Netsoft customer, your business will run smoothly and efficiently due to the stable nature of our products and unparalleled levels of support.

Unlock the value of your organisation

All our projects follow proven methodologies, we focus on building solutions that merge technical excellence - with intuitiveness to ensure our applications are both powerful and user friendly.

Our applications have been developed in collaboration with our end users and are specifically designed to help enhance your organisations ability to deliver quality care.

We use the latest and best development tools and industry practices,  aiming to be in the right development space at the right time, constantly evolving and improving to ensure we meet our client’s expectations. Our current technologies include  the .Net and Android platforms.

Tailored solutions

Our comprehensive healthcare solutions are generic in nature and can be implemented without the need for extra development. However, there are a number of organisation’s that require bespoke development. Netsoft as a software house excels in incorporating enhancements into our core products to ensure we can maximise your software solution experience.

We understand the need for integrated solutions and will match your organisational needs and user requirements to achieve the most effective solution. Our team will ensure the success of every solution by using tried and tested development and implementation methods.



What our Customers have to say about Netsoft Care~Call™

"MASH's mission statement of 'Working Together To Achieve Great Lives' is embodied in our Netsoft Relationship. We have used Res~Call for over five years and worked closely with the team to develop a purpose built product that meets our needs. We appreciate the easy and friendly way they work and communicate."
Lynne Phillips, Business Support Manager – MASH Trust
Merging healthcare and software technologies


All our projects follow this proven methodology:

Netsoft project methodology