Netsoft Across New Breaks Legislation

For those home and community care providers who have been considering how to work with the updated NZ employment legislation around breaks, Netsoft have developed simple processes within Care~Call to support you going forward with this. 

The new breaks process will help your business meet the legislative audit requirements and inform staff when they are due a break. 

Netsoft as always, is working hard to make sure legislation headaches are minimized within the deadlines given.

Season’s Greetings from Netsoft Team

Xmas 2017 image.PNG

2017 has been a busy growth year for Netsoft with Care~Call SQL going from strength to strength.

Our tight knit team have continued to work closely with our clients during huge industry changes and we were first to the market with a working model that supports Guaranteed Hours, Cancelled Jobs and Pay Equity.

We have had a significant addition to our portfolio of customers, with Healthcare of New Zealand, Royal District Nursing Services New Zealand, Custom Care Nursing, Presbyterian Support East Coast, Tu Wharetoa Charitable Trust, Home Support North, Te Oranganui DSS coming on board.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients and their families a very Happy Christmas and a safe New Year. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to working with you in 2018.

Our office will be closed from 22 December 2017 and reopening 8 January 2018.

Support will be available through this time on 09 213 9963 or email

Care~Call is Guaranteed Hours Ready!

Netsoft has been proactively working with industry partners to create a comprehensive workflow within Care~Call to help businesses manage support workers on Guaranteed Hours contracts.

Our aim is to create full visibility across all support worker hours which will enable a business to determine that all Guaranteed Hours are fulfilled and they are not paying for hours un-worked. 

Our valued clients have had the opportunity to work with us on how best to manage the new legislative changes in an efficient process with Care~Call.

  • Care~Call can support both the fixed and bucket models within Guaranteed Hours (IBT Part B) legislation.
  • Managing support workers Guaranteed Hours from contract, scheduling to payroll and invoicing.
  • Alerts when a support worker is under their Guaranteed Hours.
  • The inclusion of appropriate leave (inc sick) hours within Guaranteed Hours.
  • The efficient management of cancelled jobs in the Guaranteed Hours process.
  • Management of ongoing hours of reduction and replacement jobs.

By 1 April when the legislation goes live, Care~Call  will be ready, and Netsoft will continue working closely with our valued clients to ensure both Care~Call  and our clients stay ahead of the game.

Enliven East Coast Selects Netsoft Care~Call SQL

Enliven EC were recommended to Netsoft NZ to consider a home support system as they are looking at replacing their current system.

They provide community support and wanted a system that can manage their clients and staff effectively within a NZ environment. They also are funded to manage several day programs and have their own day centre which they needed managing.

Enliven EC indicated they are looking for a system that: 

  • Is more intuitive than their current system
  • Can manage both individual and group schedules and the financial implications of that
  • A system that understands the New Zealand environment and can adapt to changes quickly

They chose Care~Call SQL to be the solution for them.

Custom Care Nursing Choose Care~Call SQL as their new software.

Custom Care Nursing Ltd is one of New Zealand's fastest growing health and community care service providers. They specialise in a range of health care services throughout New Zealand.

Their team of Registered Nurses, Service Coordinators, Complex Care Specialists, Rehabilitation Support Staff, and Support Workers around the country are dedicated to delivering care of the highest standard. 

They were looking for a solution to future proof them against legislation changes and to streamline their business. Care~CAll SQL was the answer for them. 

Welcome on-board Custom Care Nursing!

Netsoft Res~Call partners with Medi-Map and Intellium at the 2016 RVA Conference at the Pullman Hotel

Need Wi-fi or Cloud services?

Want Medication Management?

Are you looking for a total solution from Administration to Clinical and Medication Management and Finance and want it to work in the cloud or have fail safe Wi-Fi. Then make your way to Stand 25 and see how Netsoft Res~Call and our partners can help you!

Justine Twemlow will be on the stand showing our Medi-Map integration. Talk to Greg or Julie about any of your queries to do with Medi-Map and Mark and Brent from Intellium can help solve you wiFi or Cloud Server issues.

See you there!

Netsoft are excited to announce seamless Medi-Map integration with Res~Call.

Medi-Map is New Zealand's premier medication management software. A solution for Aged Care with Electronic Charting of Medication, Administration, Audit and reporting, moving the sector from a heavy reliance on paper based systems to a fully integrated e-Health solution.

Medi~Map is fully integrated on its own Tab within the Res~Call Client Details screen. There is seamless authentication between the systems eliminating the need to log into the Medi-map system. Res~Call simply loads and displays the current clients Medi-Map details.

You simply access the client in Res~Call – switch the Medi-Map tab – and the details are there.

Now you have one place for your all client records.

Come and talk to us and Medi-Map at stand 25 at the RVA Conference at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland.

Merry Christmas from Netsoft

It is satisfying to reflect upon Netsoft’s achievements this year, as 2015 reaches closure. New staff joined us this year and we have continued to establish relationships with new customers.   

Justine Twemlow now heads up Sales and Marketing. Her background in technical sales working with Government/Enterprise Business to SMB is a significant advantage in selling the Netsoft’s suite of products.

Nigel Guthrie has come on board, taking up the role of product manager. Nigel has 30 years’ experience in technology businesses. Nigel’s skills are heavily weighted toward operational roles, with experience encompassing the management of technical and administrative teams, plus service delivery, account and project management.

2015 saw a variety of new Netsoft clients including Christie Centre, Trio Support, New Era, Ngati Hine Health Trust, Lavendar Blue, and Presbyterian Support Otago.

Another significant 2015 addition to Netsoft’s portfolio of clients, Geneva Healthcare, will drive substantial changes within Care~Call that will lead to the emergence of a premium apex product for the NZ market; this is due to the Geneva implementation using a new version of Care~Call that uses the Microsoft SQL server platform.

Netsoft have responded to two key requirements from MOH. We have developed in conjunction with our clients, IBT functionality, and more recently Vulnerable Client that includes upgraded functionality and reporting.

The launch of Remote Worker with RDNS this year proved hugely successful. We have worked further with RDNS to continue to improve this product and will see it rolled out with a variety of other clients next year.

2016 will see changes in how Res~Call upgrades are rolled out. Going forward we are planning two significant upgrades per year for Res~Call, with the first upgrade planned for March/April. Megan and Justine have been working on Technical documents and have been preparing the road map to determine what features will be included in the first or second upgrades.  

You can expect to see a new look with improved flow, improved functionality for care plans, improvements to the assessment tool, clinical warnings, increased notification and warning options, amongst other things.

We will also be expanding our partner network with MediMap; Toniq, Greentree, MYOB AccountRight and Timetarget in 2016 was well.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our clients and their families a very Happy Christmas and a safe New Year. We thank you for your business in 2015 and look forward to working with you again in the New Year.

Our office will be closed from 23rd December, 2015 and re-opening 5th January, 2016.

Support will be available throughout this time on 09 213 9963 or email

Netsoft welcomes Geneva Healthcare as our Newest Client

Geneva Healthcare is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

They provide a wide range of services – from quality home, community and disability services and NZQA training, through to community nursing and complete health staffing.  

Geneva Healthcare are the preferred provider to over 40 organisations throughout New Zealand - including District Health Boards, Private Hospitals, Aged Care Providers, Mental Health and Intellectual Disability, Community Based Providers, ACC and private clients. 

Geneva needed a New Zealand software company that understood New Zealand issues and could work with them to ensure they had a system that worked for them. They felt that was Netsoft's Care~Call.

Netsoft is very proud to win the contract to supply this critically important software and we are looking forward to working with Geneva Healthcare to provide them with the right solution.

Lavender Blue Selects Care~Call as Their New Homecare Software.

Lavender Blue was looking to move from caduceus to a new homecare software which included in between travel bands and integrated with their financial package.

Lavender Blue are members of the NZ Home Health Association. They were established in 1997 by registered nurses. 

  • Incorportate the most up to date best practice guidelines into our policies and procedures

  • Are certified in the standards New Zealand Sector Standard

  • Are flexible to ensure you can live as you choose no matter what your age

  • Designed to offer a real and safe alternative to residential care for people with any level of disability

Netsoft look forward to working with them during the project implementation phase.

Netsoft first off the block for In Between Travel (IBT)

When the IBT changes were announced by ACC and the Ministry of Health, we approached our key clients and worked with them and relevant government agencies to develop the appropriate solution within our client management system Care~Call.
Our clients are happy at the end result, with the following features:

  • The ability to setup travel bands per Funder Level, i.e. ACC MI, ACC RI, MOH
  • Separate Travel km and Travel Time codes with payroll and invoicing rates
  • Exceptional km threshold per Funder Level
  • Automated process to identify IBT transactions
  • Payroll and invoicing processes that incorporate IBT and Exceptional transactions

Call Justine Twemlow if you would like to know more 021 960 064.

Netsoft mobile solution - a success at Royal District Nursing Service

Royal District Nursing Service New Zealand (RDNS NZ) is a leading provider of home-based healthcare solutions for people living in their own homes across the Southland, Otago and Auckland Districts. RDNS NZ is currently providing care and support each week to over 2000 clients. This is delivered by our team of over 300 dedicated Community Support Workers. We also provide clinical care management and coordination by Registered Nurses and Occupational Therapists.

The Challenge
RDNS NZ wanted to remove their paper-based time sheet system and record appointment information such as start and finish times, travel time and kilometres, and ensure any updates to client information are recorded at the point of care. The solution needed to be easy to use, be secure and integrate with their existing business processes.

The Solution
Carer Portal (similar to Remote worker) was written specially for RDNS NZ. The Netsoft middleware extracts timesheet and activity data from the RDNS patient management system. It then sends the timesheet and activity data securely to the mobile device. Alerts and reporting have been setup to keep the RDNS management team up to date with client and staff activity. The data is then sent back to the RDNS patient management system, removing the need for duplication of effort in the entry of data.

The Result
According to GM of Technology Iain Boyd: “The implementation has been a great success. The Netsoft middleware seamlessly integrates with our patient management system and the mobile application. This means that we can monitor client care with ease.”

Iain also commented: “I have found Netsoft to be responsive and thoroughly professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Netsoft as a technology partner”

Finance now extended to Australia with CSS Finance

When purchasing software from Netsoft, we can now offer a finance lease (rent to own) payment option from CSS to make the outlay more affordable from a cash flow perspective.

There are many reasons to choose a finance lease (rent to own) over a cash purchase, especially in challenging economic times. 

Financing will cover project implementation costs and the initial license outlay, ask us for more information if this is of interest to you.

Call Michael Beaumont on 1800 028 847 to discuss.

Netsoft Can Now Offer Finance Leasing to NZ Customers

When purchasing software from Netsoft, we can now offer a finance lease (rent to own) payment option from TRL to make the outlay more affordable from a cash flow perspective.

There are many reasons to choose a finance lease (rent to own) over a cash purchase, especially in challenging economic times. 

Some benefits include:

1.       Requires no restriction on a company's financial operations, while loans and cash outlay often do

2.       For tax and accounting purposes: It appears on the balance sheet as both an asset and a liability. Lease payments are split into principal and interest portions. Depreciation and the interest are 100% tax deductible

3.       Terms can be up to 36 months to help spread the software payments which offers less impact on company finances

4.       Under a finance lease (rent to own), ownership transfers to the customer at the conclusion of the lease term following final payment.

Financing will cover project implementation costs and the initial license outlay, ask us for more information if this is of interest to you.

Call Michael Beaumont on 09 213 9964 to discuss.

NSW's New Era enters project phase with Netsoft

New Era Independent Living Centre Inc based in Sutherland, NSW, Australia  is a Day Program located in Sutherland. They offer both Centre Based and Community Based programs and work on the Person Centred Planning principles.

They purchased Disability Manager because of the advantages of a centralised database, offering ease of use, data integrity and keeping every thing all in the one place without double handling.

Netsoft on Stand 10 at HCHA Conference 2015

Thanks to all nurses and Home Care Companies that chose to visit our stand to find out more about our product!

Netsoft Health Solutions is currently welcoming home and community service companies onto their stand to discuss Care~Call, Remote Worker and our AMS partnership.

The HCHA Conference is the perfect opportunity for face to face time with the industry with Care~Call evolving with integration with interRAI, mobile technology and investigating implementation of inter visit travel times.

If you can't make it to the show why not speak to Michael Beaumont ( about our software.

Savvy tech companies join forces in global healthcare market


Savvy local tech companies join forces to forge new gold standard in lucrative global healthcare market

Dynamic mobile software company Kinross Group Ltd and leading digital healthcare business Netsoft, have formed a partnership; one which will spearhead a new gold standard in healthcare and increase their global footprint. Both companies are already well established. Kinross through their innovative mobile software platform AMS and Netsoft, with esteemed digital solutions for the aged-care, home care and disability markets.

This new partnership heralds significant and immediate benefits to healthcare providers and recipients on both sides of the Tasman. Kinross and Netsoft have harnessed IT and digital solutions that place quality, stability and security at the forefront of their endeavours. Together, their technologies offer customers economical and instant service delivery capability. The immediacy and practicality of their solutions enable healthcare practitioners and caregivers to track information in real time and be completely mobile via mobile devices - phones and tablets. This saves time and money, and reduces their customers’ carbon footprint.

The benefits of merging IT solutions within home and community health will have huge benefits for the community, not least paving the way for better health outcomes for the general population. “The more healthcare that can be provided in your home the better. This is the healthcare that ANZ can afford; ironically, it is also better health,” says Kinross Director, Ruth Bruce.

Netsoft Marketing Director, Michael Beaumont went on to say, “You can’t do things incorrectly in the health market. The end goal is always ‘best practice.’” Kinross and Netsoft share the same ethos of placing people ahead of profits. Their common objective is to deliver quality products at a competitive price. Both strive to upskill and empower their clients to take their systems and run with them, rather than landing them with regular, hefty fees.

The thinking at Kinross and Netsoft aligns with the National IT Health Board’s stated goal, which is ‘To lead the implementation of the National Health IT Plan, including: integrated national and regional information systems to enable electronic access to reliable, trusted information for consumers and treatment providers at the point of care; and supporting the improvement in clinical quality, integration and effectiveness of child health and maternity services by implementing national child health and maternity systems.’

This also chimes in with the current public service mandate of offering health consumers greater choice through a fee-for-service model. “This has been standard practice in New Zealand for some time now,”says Beaumont, “whereas, Australia comes from a place of bulk funding and they are now grappling with the implications of such seismic change, not least the newly imposed National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and ‘Every Australian Counts’ mandate, which Julia Gillard pushed through just prior to exiting politics.”

Tony Ryall recognises the significance of the health sector, saying in his Valedictory Speech in July 2014, “I think many people underestimate the size of the health sector in New Zealand. It is 10 percent of GDP. For every $1 spent in New Zealand, 10c is spent in the health sector, not only in our $15 billion public health service with 75,000 staff but a very strong and dynamic private sector, with $1 billion in natural health products, $1 billion in health IT and devices, and some great New Zealand companies. I think it is this intersection of health and technology that is going to provide an opportunity to create untold wealth into the future and it is really important that New Zealand is part of that.”

By sharing technologies, Kinross and Netsoft are now a force to be reckoned with in the billion dollar health sector. “We recognise that combining our resources is a huge plus”, says Bruce. “It means that we can deliver optimal and affordable health outcomes on a global scale, and expand our reach at the same time, which is pretty good going for two small enterprises from Down Under.”

Bruce and Beaumont today signed a contract ratifying their important new partnership. They will be attending the Health and Community Health Association Conference (HCHA), 28-30 April 2015, their first public appearance as joint partners.