Netsoft Nurse~Call™: A simplified approach to nursing services for greater consistency of care.

Manage patient care requirements quickly and easily

A critical aspect of Homecare is for the provision of professional Nursing services, for this - Netsoft Nurse~Call™ offers an ideal solution. In simple terms, Nurse~Call performs the booking in of clients and allows for referrals to be created against the clients - at which stage "jobs" are created and then assigned to staff. 

ACC requirements are taken care of with ease

Tasks such as auto converting from "ACC Short Term" care to "ACC Long Term" are achieved effortlessly (including the split billing process that must occur), real time reporting on KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) such as Referrer Statistics (number of referrals over defined periods from Referrers) - allowing for targeted "relationship" campaigns, as well as a suite of ACC required reports that provide ACC with information on Service Outputs and Outcomes but to name a few.

Create efficiencies through instant information

You can be sure that Netsoft Nurse~Call will provide you with a system infrastructure to enable maximum efficiencies within your organisation, as well as delivering you up-to-the-minute information that empowers you to make informed business decisions.

Key Nurse~Call Features include:

  • Integration into Financials

  • Integration into Health link

  • Automated Short / Long Term re-scheduling

  • KPI Reporting


General broad base nursing services

3 Great Reasons to Choose Nurse~Call™

1. Seamless Financial Integration 

Manage split billing requirements, and ACC accountabilities easily from one central source.

2. Simple Reporting Functionality

Create reports easily based on up-to-the-minute information for better decision making, and KPI detail.

3. Automated Re-Scheduling

Manage client appointments, provide consistency of service, as well as assigning appropriate staff with ease.