Care~Call is Guaranteed Hours Ready!

Netsoft has been proactively working with industry partners to create a comprehensive workflow within Care~Call to help businesses manage support workers on Guaranteed Hours contracts.

Our aim is to create full visibility across all support worker hours which will enable a business to determine that all Guaranteed Hours are fulfilled and they are not paying for hours un-worked. 

Our valued clients have had the opportunity to work with us on how best to manage the new legislative changes in an efficient process with Care~Call.

  • Care~Call can support both the fixed and bucket models within Guaranteed Hours (IBT Part B) legislation.
  • Managing support workers Guaranteed Hours from contract, scheduling to payroll and invoicing.
  • Alerts when a support worker is under their Guaranteed Hours.
  • The inclusion of appropriate leave (inc sick) hours within Guaranteed Hours.
  • The efficient management of cancelled jobs in the Guaranteed Hours process.
  • Management of ongoing hours of reduction and replacement jobs.

By 1 April when the legislation goes live, Care~Call  will be ready, and Netsoft will continue working closely with our valued clients to ensure both Care~Call  and our clients stay ahead of the game.