Netsoft Client Support Manager™: An integrated client / participant management system that simplifies rostering, finances, and workforce management leading to better support associated with the new administrative requirements within NDIS.

Netsoft Client Support Manager can support your business through the transition to NDIS.

Client Support Manager has been written to specifically meet the needs of the Australian NDA Sectors. A client / participant management solution that will assist you to manage all of your clients, in or out of the NDIS. Perfect for centre or community based, one to one or group and in-home services. 

Centralised collection of all data

Because Client Support Manager collates all staff and client data in one centralised point, you save hours of time in reproducing information. Our convenient access also means that support workers have critical client information at their fingertips, allowing you to consistently deliver a better standard of care, and update key information simply.

Easy-to-manage rostering solutions

Client Support Manager allows you to easily match the needs of your clients to the specific skills of your staff, so you can ensure the right staff member meets the right client and the right time, simplifying your rostering process. 

Clinical reporting at the touch of a button

Because Client Support Manager centralises all client data, creating clinical reports becomes a simple process. A wide range of reporting features are available, so you can quickly and easily assess client and staff requirements.

Centralised incident recording and reporting

When information is spread over multiple systems, accurate incident reporting becomes difficult and time-consuming. Not so with Client Support Manager. You'll be able to review and report on incident rates and type quickly, allowing you to create relevant DHS incident plans and support plans, and spend more time addressing concerns, and improving your overall standard of care.

Streamlined financial reporting and staff management

Client Support Manager provides excellent reporting and planning functionality, streamlining workflows and delivering enhanced reporting and compliance accountability. Here's how we do it:

Improved financial integration

As a centralised source of all data, Client Support Manager provides a collated point for all financial information leading to three distinct benefits:

Easily accessed management reports

Client Support Manager provides you with the tools to run a wide range of management reports so you can make effective decisions regarding the management of your business. Produce staff and client timesheets, payroll exports, NDIS financial reporting and analysis and more.

Effective staff management 

Stop maintaining rosters manually or in time consuming spread sheets. Client Support Manager’s easy to use group rostering makes organising staff and clients a simple task. You can run reports that can evaluate expected attendance versus actual attendance to better understand your efficiencies, and use the system to manage and plan for relevant training and education.





4 Great Reasons to choose Netsoft Client Support Manager™

1. NDIS Exporting. 

Easily comply with government funding requirements relating to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, with an NDIS XML Bulk upload while tracking client contact for increased accountability

2. Improved Rostering

Match your staff's capabilities with the needs of your clients at the right place and time, while also easily exporting data to finance and payroll packages for simpler financial management.

3. Better Client Management

Access case notes, support plans, assessments and financial data from one centralised location, while removing duplication and potential errors.

4. Simplified Staff Management

Capture everything from appraisal information, scanned documents to education and training data, all in one centralised location.