Netsoft Res~Call™: A comprehensive solution for Aged Care organisations.

Helping Nurses and Clinical Managers to provide the highest levels of care

Res~Call will run every aspect of your care  organisation from administration to clinical to financial and everything in between. Here's what you can expect with Res~Call, our Aged Care software solution:

A centralised information database

All care and client information is conveniently located in one central source, making for easy updates and review of client files.

Easy to use care plans and case notes

We've made a user friendly clinical interface where our plans can be easily created and managed. Updating case notes is straightforward for nurses and caregivers.

Unparalleled clinical reporting

Your residents will receive the highest quality of care, while their families receive all the information they need. Our reporting features mean all the paperwork is easily taken care of including; InterRAI integration, Mobile Care Delivery, Incidents, Benchmarking, Care Plans, MOH reporting and much more. With Res~Call everything  is covered.

Centralised incident recording and reporting

Clinical Managers will have a wealth of information at their fingertips regarding incidents. Our real-time monitoring and reporting of care greatly reduces any “health surprises” from occurring, and allows greater visibility to the care services you provide.

Exceptional financial integration for improved fiscal management

Res~Call offers a host of financial benefits to your business, including:

Improved bottom line performance

With increased efficiency in care and improved administration processes, you will notice a return on your investment within a few months. Efficiencies are created from a significant reduction in paperwork; printing, copying, filling out, collating, recording and storing.

Simplicity through integration

Ease of integration between Res~Call and your financial software means data-entry no longer needs to be double-handled, and you receive better information faster, as well as improved accuracy in allocating appropriate funding.

Easy to access management reports

Stay on top of every aspect of your business with clear and up-to-the-minute reporting straight from Res~Call - seamlessly integrated with your financial software for the complete picture.

Improved management of staffing resource

Managing staffing allocation, education and training are a breeze with Res~Call. You can capture all relevant information and quickly bring it to hand, including appraisals, scanned documents and education and training experience.


What our Customers have to say about Netsoft Res~Call:

We, at The Cantabria Group, have found Res~Call collates the information from all of our sites together. By using Res~Call we can see in an instant what each site is doing and compare progress, issues and financial situation. Up until that point we had separate software systems at each site that did not talk to each other. With one software package it has allowed us to keep track of all of our facilities and this has made a huge difference. We are now able to look up any Resident at any site and check on anything from Funding to Care Plans. It has been a great asset to our company.
— Toni Ingram - Cantabria Group of Homes, Hospitals & Villages
Tamahere Eventide Home & Retirement Village found Netsoft excellent to work with and willing to develop further software that is integrated with Res~Call and improve our productivity.
The most recent developments included:
- Occupation Right Agreements which covers our village clients from enquiry stage to termination.  
- A Scheduler for booking our common rooms and transport.
- Maintenance register
This improved efficiency and effectiveness with all staff working from the same information and helps us moving to a paperless environment.
— Louis Fick (CEO) - Tamahere Eventide
Aged-Care nursing

3 Great Reasons to choose Netsoft Res~Call™

1. Financial Integration

Book your clients into a room, allocate appropriate funding, export financial details into your existing software - it's all easy with Res~Call.

2. Simple Client Management 

Set up care plans and update case notes quickly, so you can spend more time delivering a higher level of care to your clients.

3. Exceptional Staff Management

Manage all your staff information in one simple source, including appraisal information, scanned documents, plus education and training data.