Community Health mobile IT partnership

Netsoft is very pleased to announce that AMS + Netsoft is now a winning combination. Netsoft Limited and Kinross (AMS) have joined  their respective software offerings to offer an integrated  mobile data capture and workflow system  for Community and Home Health providers in NZ and Australia. Both Kinross and Netsoft will be at the HCHA conference in Auckland on the 28th – 30th April this year. Come and talk to us.

The Christie Centre purchases Disability Manager

The Christie Centre provides group, individual and employment services for people with a disability in the Sunraysia region of Victoria, Australia.

The Christie Centre purchased Netsoft's Disability Manager as a client management system to help better the lives of the people they support.

Welcome Back

2014 was a strong year with solid growth for Netsoft

Our development team has worked closely with existing and new clients to strengthen our products, offering exciting new features that enable them to spend more time helping their clients. 

The end of 2014 saw the tick of approval for the integration of InterRAI into Res~Call for the New Zealand market, with early 2015 seeing its roll-out to our clients. 

We added some outstanding Nursing Bureau functionality into Care~Call, which streamlines job management and creates efficiency and cost savings. This was developed for our new client Senate Nursing Bureau.  

We introduced our RVA Sales and Marketing Module into Res-Call, this will continue to be enhanced in 2015. It was developed for our new client Sanderson Group. Our RVA Module was further enhanced during the year too. 

2014 saw our first strategic implementations into the Australian Market with Araluen, Wallara and PALS Inc, and ongoing projects with Golden City Support Service and B’Nai Brith Retirement Village.  

In addition, several prestigious retirement villages became Netsoft clients in 2014 including: Aria Villages, Retirement Assets Limited, and the Sanderson Group.  We also sold Res~Call and Disability Manager to a number of other sites throughout Australasia.  

We will continue to advance development with our strong product road maps, creating exciting features and functionality for existing clients and for our sales teams to take to new clients. One of these will be Remote Worker, our community care mobile product, and later Care~Call MS SQL will be released.

We are looking at partnering with other software systems to enhance our products. We’ll let you know when these are ready to go!

In 2015, we will continue to build on the momentum of 2014 with ongoing development and support for our client base and further growth in the Australian and New Zealand market.


Whaioro Trust Purchases Netsoft's Disability Manager

Whaioro Trust is a Maori Mental Health service providing opportunities for people with mental health issues.

Whaioro Trust purchased Disability Manager as a client management system and will work alongside Netsoft's existing client MASH Trust who will support Whaioro Trust with implementation and training.

The Waratah purchases Res~Call

The Waratah, a community run, locally owned rest home in Henderson has purchased Res~Call to be implemented in early 2015.

Thinking of the future, the Waratah, who are about to build a retirement village, saw Res~Call as the perfect software for them. They were highly interested in our mobile device, Res~Call Mobile and they felt our RVA sales and marketing solution would support them with their venture into retirement villages.


NDS CEO Conference December 8 – 9

Come and visit stand 37 to learn about how Disability Manager can help your organisation.

4 great reasons to choose Disability Manager

1. NDIS and DHS exporting

2. Improved rostering

3. Better client management

4. Simplified staff management

 To find out more phone us on 1800 028847 or see us at the conference

Retirement Assets purchase Res~Call

Retirement Assets who have 3 prestigious retirement villages and care facilities have just purchased Res~Call. Res~Call is designed to run everything from sales and marketing to admin to clinical care for Retirement Assets

Retirement Assets have also purchased MYOB EXO business which will integrate with Res~Call. This will allow complex billing structures to be managed easily. This will eliminate errors and increase financial efficiencies.

Golden City Support Services selects Disability Manager and Care~Call

One of the leading organisations’ in the disability sector in Australia, Golden City Support Services (GCSS) will use Disability Manager and Care~Call to run everything from client and staff management to rostering and financial integration.

Netsoft is excited to work with GCSS to implement a software solution that will add value from day 1 and continue to move them forward for years to come.

Aria Retirement Villages implement Netsoft Res~Call

Aria Retirement Villages purchased Res~Call and MYOB EXO to better manager their financial and client care needs. 

The key for Aria Retirement Villages is access to administrative, financial, clinical and scheduling data in one central location.

Res~Call allows your facility to save time and money