Netsoft Can Now Offer Finance Leasing to NZ Customers

When purchasing software from Netsoft, we can now offer a finance lease (rent to own) payment option from TRL to make the outlay more affordable from a cash flow perspective.

There are many reasons to choose a finance lease (rent to own) over a cash purchase, especially in challenging economic times. 

Some benefits include:

1.       Requires no restriction on a company's financial operations, while loans and cash outlay often do

2.       For tax and accounting purposes: It appears on the balance sheet as both an asset and a liability. Lease payments are split into principal and interest portions. Depreciation and the interest are 100% tax deductible

3.       Terms can be up to 36 months to help spread the software payments which offers less impact on company finances

4.       Under a finance lease (rent to own), ownership transfers to the customer at the conclusion of the lease term following final payment.

Financing will cover project implementation costs and the initial license outlay, ask us for more information if this is of interest to you.

Call Michael Beaumont on 09 213 9964 to discuss.