Netsoft Care~Call™: An integrated system that simplifies scheduling, financial management and workforce management leading to greater quality of care.

Co-ordination and administration of your workforce made easy

Developed in collaboration with homecare managers and caregivers, Care~Call allows you to manage scheduling responsibilities quickly and effectively, providing greater clarity for your teams, and better financial management for your business. We do this via five core areas:

Plan the day or week with an easy to use scheduler

The simple scheduling software within Care~Call makes planning your daily and weekly schedules a breeze, leaving you more time to focus on patient care.

Text schedules to staff mobiles instantly

Keeping your team updated with current work schedules becomes a snap with the easy mobile functionality of Care~Call. You can instantly text staff roster details to your team once the schedule has been finalised.

Remove double-handling of information

Our simple system removes the need for double handling of information, which also removes the risk of errors through incorrect duplication.

Export scheduling data directly to finance and payroll

Our scheduling information automatically connects with your finance and payroll software to ensure you can easily and accurately manage your staff pay and invoicing requirements.

Reduce paperwork while improving efficiency

Because data is captured in real time, it can be more accurately logged, and efficiently shared with the broader business. This reduces duplication and means accurate information can be accessed by everyone in real time.

Greater efficiencies, seamless integration, better financial management

Care~Call is an ideal solution for CEO's and CFO's who want improved efficiency, along with greater staff morale. Key benefits include:

Greater accountability from field staff through improved staff management

More efficient scheduling, and communication via texts to rostered staff allows for greater clarity for staff, and more accountability for their hours and responsibilities.

Easily match your client's needs to the ideal carer

Because all information is centrally located, aligning the needs of your clients to the skills of your workforce becomes a simple task - leading to greater efficiencies, and a higher standard of care.

Integrate scheduling and financial systems for greater efficiencies and financial management

Care~Call's ability to tightly align with MYOB EXO Business provides a complete and fully integrated business management system. Data is keyed in once and flows efficiently through the system (operations to finance) from beginning to end with no duplication. We also integrate with a number of financial systems including Xero, Quick Books, Sun Financials, Great Plains, Sybiz and Finance One.

MYOB EXO Business modules include Finance, Inventory Control, Fixed Assets, Job Costing, Point of Sale, Customer Management and Reporting.

MOH, ACC and NDIS exports are also all fully supported.

Greater support for individualised funding 

Care~Call's reporting features allow for greater clarity on the specific care needs clients, providing appropriate information for individualised funding.


What our Customers have to say about Netsoft Care~Call™

"We recommend Netsoft and Care~Call. We have been able to streamline our business processes and increase productivity since introducing Care~Call. The support has been excellent and we are very happy with our change."
Rena, Office Manager – Senate Nursing
"One of our divisions has been using Care~Call since 2006. It has been a consistently reliable backbone for the delivery of services. By remaining close to their customers, each year Netsoft have continued to add features that further strengthen the product and its usefulness in our sector."
Jan Hilder, Manager Strategic Business Improvement – HHL Group

4 Great Reasons to choose Netsoft Care~Call™

1. Efficient Scheduling

Create daily and weekly schedules quickly and effectively, saving time and hassle for both staff and clients.

2. Increased Clinical Integrity 

Easily align your staff's capabilities with the needs of your clients, for a greater level of care and clinical integrity.

3. Ease of Financial Management

Seamlessly integrate scheduling, billing and payroll functions, while avoiding double-entry of data from beginning to end. Includes in between travel buffers.

4. Mobile Workforce Management

Dispatch work to mobile devices, and receive real-time progress and scheduling updates for greater effectiveness and accountability.