Netsoft’s CareCall™: An integrated client management system that simplifies scheduling, workforce management, and financial management for all your community care and compliance needs.

  • Over 268,000 hours of care scheduled through CareCall in New Zealand every week  

  • Over 10,000 New Zealand Support Workers per Week are efficiently managed using CareCall. Companies range from 50 Support Workers to over 4000 support workers.

Why CareCall?

Care~Call is not new, in fact it has been used by New Zealand companies since 2001. In the past 18 years, Care~Call has continually improved and grown to one of NZ’s leading Healthcare Provider software’s of choice. This has been achieved with innovation and dedication to understanding the healthcare sector. 

Care~Call is a solution designed to offer multiple points of reconciliation from referral to payroll and invoicing. It eliminates double handling and gives your company the confidence, that your client has been visited by the support worker with the best match of skills in the most efficient way possible, and end to end transparency associated with all job processing.

  1. Efficient Scheduling: Create daily and weekly schedules quickly and effectively, saving time and hassle for both staff and clients.

  2. Increased Clinical Integrity: Easily align your staff's capabilities with the needs of your clients, for a greater level of care and clinical integrity.

  3. Ease of Financial Management: Seamlessly integrate scheduling, payroll and billing functions, including in between travel (IBT), and avoid double entry of data from beginning to end.instantly text staff roster details to your team once the schedule has been finalised.

Netsoft’s CareCall Key Strengths:

Always keeping abreast of industry legislative changes, ensuring that the required functionality is in the product before they take effect. (In Between Travel, Cancelled Jobs, Guaranteed Hours, Staff Breaks, ACC Portal)

We value our clients input when making enhancements to the product, we run workshops and share information for common industry changes as well as encourage feedback and suggestions.

Our philosophy is to build strong relationships with our clients on all levels, to ensure that the product continues to add value to their business.

Care~Call is a market leading software solution and has been selected by many Home and Community Service Providers in New Zealand.


What our Customers have to say about Netsoft CareCall™

"We recommend Netsoft and CareCall. We have been able to streamline our business processes and increase productivity since introducing Care~Call. The support has been excellent and we are very happy with our change."
Rena, Office Manager – Senate Nursing

"One of our divisions has been using CareCall since 2006. It has been a consistently reliable backbone for the delivery of services. By remaining close to their customers, each year Netsoft have continued to add features that further strengthen the product and its usefulness in our sector."
Jan Hilder, Manager Strategic Business Improvement – HHL Group

CareCall Features are

  • Single Client Record Architecture

  • NZ Legislation Compliant IBT, Guaranteed Hours, Cancelled Job’s, Meal Breaks

  • Robust Scheduling:  easy to adjust and update within a clear and simple user interface, includes Support Worker preferred hours, Support Worker guaranteed hours, Client needs / Support Worker skills, Support Worker / Client locations

  • Client Referral Management (ACC / MOH / DHB / Other)

  • Roster Validation: ensuring Support Worker and/or Clients are not double booked

  • Automatic identification of split shifts

  • Client / Support Worker Matching

  • ACC IHCS Compliance

  • MOH / ADHB Reporting

  • Integration with Financial and Payroll Systems

  • Support Individualised Funding

  • Support Worker Mobile Application (Remote Worker)  

  • GPS Mapping and ‘Geo-stamping’  

  • Progress / Event Notes

  • Incidents and Accidents

  • Compliments and Complaints

  • Staff Management  

  • Support Worker Work Visa Rules

  • Comprehensive Internal Message Alerting

  • System User Security Access Definability

  • SMS texting to Support Worker and Clients

  • Integrated Map Capability (Here Maps and Google)

  • Pantzel Ezitracker Integration

  • Industry Standard Report Writer     

  • Document management

  • Intuitive Reports (Management, Clinical and Financial)

  • Invoice Generation (ACC and MOH Files, Private Invoice Formats)

  • Client / Family Portal

  • Support Worker Portal